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Our Technology Knowledge Appreciated By Our Customers

With team members with over 20+ years of experience in IT, cyber security, Windows systems and physical building security (video surveillance, access control), we can offer our knowledge to various companies. 
Companies large and small are currently part of the Hexaport service group. With the ability to manage and service end-users and corporate infrastructure remotely, our coverage is coast-to-coast,
from Halifax, NS, to Vancouver, BC.
Below is a list of industry segments we service, each with a link to read more.

Doctor with Patients
Smiling Worker in Warehouse


Our team of specialists understands the importance of a smooth and predictable IT infrastructure within healthcare settings. Data security, availability, reporting, data compliancy and uptime are critical. Read more here on our healthcare projects.


The advancement of information technology in construction has transformed how things get done in the industry, making information technology indispensable. Therefore, we invested in skills to support the construction industry with IT solutions. Read more here on our construction management services and support.


Information technology has revolutionized warehouse management and distribution by automating many tasks previously done manually. Hexaport has multiple customers in the warehouse and distribution vertical. We have knowledge of cloud-based WMS, ERP systems, CRM-ERP integrations, secure Wi-Fi scanner networks, and more. Read more here on our IT expertise in the field of distribution and warehousing management services and support.


Advanced IT offers a realm of possibilities for the cannabis industry. Hexaport has several customers in the cannabis industry. From grow operations, distribution/sales to retail stores. Every element of this growing business segment has specific requirements. Federal regulated data and physical building security being just one of these requirements. Hexaport has a training group of subject matter experts in the field of cannabis IT, cyber security and video surveillance  infrastructures. Contact us to learn more.

Construction Workers
Cannabis technician
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