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Hexaport as system integrator

What We Do

Hexaport, a Woodstock-based IT Services company, has a mature and unique mix of seasoned IT support and security experts in-house.
With Hexaport supporting your computers, network infrastructure, Email Anti-Virus and Malware, Cyber Security and building security network, you’re in good hands.

Planning your IT changes

How to stop you from worrying about "IT"... With our 5-step approach, we help you fix ongoing issues. We will help plan and upgrade your IT, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business. Read more here.

Dollar sign indicating cost

Keeping control over the cost of IT

How to save more and improve your bottom line. IT does cost money, and small businesses can benefit from cost savings like large companies. We help to reduce IT costs, licenses and telephony bills by up to 35% for our customers. Read more here.

Securing your end users from cyber criminals

How to prevent your company from being exposed to criminals? We have building and cyber security experts who can help protect your data and avoid ransomware and computer viruses. Hackers never stop. Nor do we in assisting you. Read more here.

Add IT expertise to your existing team

heads indicating expertise

How to add specialized expertise to your IT team? Businesses deal with seasonal or project demands. We offer temporary support, giving you quick help on any IT expertise (Windows, Cyber, building access, cloud computing; when and where needed. Read more here.

structured diagram showing the elements of a data backup services and restore process

Choose Hexaport for reliable and cost-effective data backup services. Contact us today to learn more and start protecting your data with confidence.

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