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Construction and
Construction Management

We help Construction Companies to meet deadlines. Fast Internet to upload drawings. Extend corporate phone exchange to each cell phone. Video Conferencing for project managers. Site Supers who need 24/7 access to corporate data, schedules and drawings.


A key driver for successful construction project completion is on-time completion. Next, to have the best trades on the job site, technology is essential to support Construction Project Managers and Site Supervisors.


  • Fast and secure access to the Internet

  • High-speed service to up/download drawings

  • 24/7 access to project scheduling

  • Corporate phone service extended to every cell phone on the job site.

  • Instant Video conferencing on all devices


Information technology has become an integral part of construction management companies. With cloud-based CAD-based drawings, construction teams can now easily share drawings and documents. This has significantly improved the change management process since the changes can be tracked in real-time.

Moreover, IT also helps in integrating multiple trades into a single project. Using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, workers can access plans and documents from anywhere at any time. Cloud storage allows for secure storage of all the data generated during a project, making it easier to refer back to them in case of any disputes or discrepancies.

Storing construction data in the cloud ensures data security and secure access. Project managers can access the stored data in real time, anywhere. Architects, engineers, and designers can collaborate throughout a construction project through the cloud, reducing costs and time wastage. Notably, the cloud mitigates security risks by protecting data.


Hexaport understands the unique challenges faced by today’s construction (management) companies. We have experience deploying the latest mobile communication technologies to 'light up' construction sites with perimeter security surveillance, wireless Internet services, secure portable workstations, and mobile comms.

Information technology plays a vital role in construction management companies as it helps them streamline their operations by providing easy access to data and improved collaboration between different stakeholders.

Hexaport has 10+ years of experience in deploying on-premise or cloud-based application services.

Some customer references below:

Construction engineers at work
Digital versions of paper documents
Logo for Charleston Homes property development based in Guelph ON
Charleston Homes logo
Logo for Trigon Construction based in Woodstock ON
AutoCAD design engineer and drafter
Digital construction plan and cloudbased access
AutoCad engineer at work
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