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Warehousing and Distribution Projects

We have deployed Wi-Fi, and high-speed networks in facilities as large as 100,000 sq. ft.  Improved distribution processes by implementing cloud-based barcode scanning solutions

In the modern world, Information Technology (IT) plays an increasingly important role in warehousing and distribution. It is being used to manage the entire supply chain process from order entry to delivery. IT solutions such as cloud-based Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are used to ensure efficient inventory management and tracking of goods throughout the supply chain. Furthermore, ERP and CRM systems are being integrated with WMS for better visibility of data and improved customer experience.

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are also becoming more popular in warehouse operations due to their portability and ease of use. They can be used to track and trace shipments, manage inventory levels, or even automate order-picking processes. All these advancements in IT are making warehousing and distribution operations more efficient than ever before.

Tracking and tracing of goods are also made easier with information technology. Companies can now track shipments in real-time, allowing them to monitor their supply chain more effectively. This helps them to reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction.
Hexaport understands the unique challenges faced by today’s construction (management) companies. We have experience deploying the latest mobile communication technologies to 'light up' construction sites with perimeter security surveillance, wireless Internet services, secure portable workstations, and mobile comms.

All these advancements in IT are making warehousing and distribution operations more efficient than ever—some of our customer references are below.

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