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Dental, Pharmacy, Medical Clinics

  • Dental practises

  • SW Ontario Pharmacy chain

  • Multiple HealthCare clinics

  • Medical Center



This industry requires particular services, addressing patient record confidentiality, cyber security layering to ensure data privacy and near 100% uptime and availability of the support infrastructure.


We offer business-grade cybersecurity and IT infrastructure technology installed by a dedicated team of specialists. From cybersecurity solutions such as firewalls, advanced email protection software, and end-point remediation (EDR) to cloud-based backup and data retention, Hexaport has the expertise and a track record of assisting your organization.

Hexaport understands the unique challenges faced by today’s healthcare practitioners. We are dedicated to offering our customers the best technology, installed by trained and support engineers, backed by a Help-Desk service to address any post-project questions and service contracts. 

We serve customers across SW Ontario on cybersecurity, Internet-phone and IT support.

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Woodstock Medical Center

Woodstock Medical Center

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