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Cut The Cord, Let's Go Virtual

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Old Style Phone
Cutting the phone cord and go VoIP

It goes without saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses and government to re-vector their business operations. From closing down offices to re-inventing products they never imagined possible to produce.

The same can be said of delivering IT services in this new normal. The sudden shift to working-from-home has created some serious stress and headache amongst IT staff, given the limited solutions that were in place on day-1 of this pandemic. Having employees work from home was a brave and required decision. Not an easy feat for most of us, as we're programmed to work in an office building or plant, amongst colleagues, with access to a desk, phone, computer, printer and vending machine.

Remote Redefined

Being able to reach over the cubical divider to ask your colleague a question is suddenly gone. Not always replaceable by an email or chat. We're not just working remote from the office, but also remote from your colleagues.

So how to create a seamless (as possible) communication layer amongst employees, corporation and customers? No big deal, one may state, we've got email and one of many video conferencing platforms, right? This is only half the issue to tackle.


Having access to voice services is essential. Think of it. How is your reception able to transfer calls to an internal number, now that you're no longer inside the office? How to relay calls to a team, in a sales hunt group, access the voicemail on your office desk phone, etc. All simple day-to-day features we take for granted, and suddenly out of reach....

Go Virtual

Using Cloud-Based Voice over IP (VoIP) services, as successfully deployed inside Hexaport and several of our customers infrastructures during the pandemic, has proven instant success.

We were able to mirror the workflow from traditional on-premise telephony onto a cloud-based platform within weeks. Employees at home are now able to use a soft client app on their smartphone and computer and use a VoIP phone handset plugged into their home router as a corporate phone extension. FindMe-FollowMe features enable users to be available anywhere-anytime. Calling, messaging, video sharing, document access, all within a single User Interface and replicating the office inside a virtual dome.

Cloud-based VoIP came also with a suite of services that typically are only available to larger on-premise platforms. And... Cloud-based VoIP resulted for one of our customer in a 50% reduction in annual operational cost.

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