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Migrating to VoIP

Diagram describing the elements involved in a good Voice over Internet design
Illustration of the VoIP technology and integration with office networks

Hexaport has successfully migrated many clients from their traditional phone system with dedicated phonelines to a cloud-based Voice over IP solution.

We demonstrate the benefits of moving telecommunications to the cloud, showing reduced operating and capital expenses and improved business continuity and flexibility.

Reasons to Switch To VoIP

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the advantages of utilizing cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to replace traditional telephone systems. VoIP offers substantial cost savings, improved reliability, and a broad range of features that give businesses greater flexibility in managing their telecommunication needs.

Reduction in Cost
One of the primary benefits of transitioning from traditional phone lines to VoIP is reduced operating expenses. Instead of investing in an expensive PBX system with costly maintenance agreements, companies can invest in hosted VoIP solutions for a fraction of the cost.
Corporate phone features for SMB
Furthermore, calls within an organization or between multiple locations are free, eliminating long-distance charges. In addition, businesses can enjoy toll-free numbers and inexpensive international calling rates, depending on their provider.

Use your cell phone as an extension
Flexibility is another crucial advantage of switching to VoIP. Organizations can quickly add, move, and remove users from their network without incurring additional costs like a traditional phone system. VoIP also allows employees to work remotely while still having access to all the same features they have in the office, such as voicemail, conferencing services, etc. This helps increase productivity by allowing staff members to stay connected no matter where they are located. 

Always-On, Always Reachable
The benefit of moving to VoIP is improved business continuity. If there is a power outage or hardware failure, calls can easily be diverted to mobile phones or alternative locations to ensure uninterrupted communication. Since VoIP eliminates the need for physical telephone lines and other hardware, there is less chance of service disruption due to technical issues. Companies can rest assured knowing that customers can reach them during any emergency.

Remote Worker Ready
With the Cloud as the foundation of your VoIP system, remote office workers can "plug into"the corporate services too. This means that their local office extension travels with them wherever they choose to work. Reachability guaranteed.
In conclusion
VoIP offers significant advantages over traditional telephone systems. Businesses looking to reduce costs and improve customer service should consider switching to this more reliable and flexible solution.

Our Partnerships
We work closely with industry-leading vendors in the VoIP industry, such as Polycom, 8x8 and Iristel Canada.

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