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Benefits of Video Camera Analytics

Video analytics has become an essential tool for security cameras, helping to improve safety and security measures in businesses and organizations worldwide.

Video Analytics allows monitoring of traffic patterns and optimizing traffic flow, reducing congestion and making roads safer. Video analytics also helps enhance customer service by analyzing customer behaviour and providing tailored information and offers based on their needs and preferences. These advantages make video analytics one of the most sought-after tools in security systems today.

Benefits of IP video

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Many benefits of IP video make it an attractive technology for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The most obvious benefit is that IP video can be easily integrated into existing network infrastructure, saving money and time. Additionally, IP video offers several other advantages, including:

Higher quality and resolution than traditional CCTV: IP video cameras can capture high-quality video footage at resolutions up to 4K (ultra-high definition). This means you can get a clear, detailed view of what’s happening – even from a distance.

Flexible deployment: IP video cameras can be deployed anywhere – inside or outside, in low-light or high-traffic areas. And because they use your existing network infrastructure, there’s no need to run new cabling.

Scalability: As your business grows or your security needs change, you can easily add more cameras to your system.

Remote access: the system should allow access across the Internet using a secure gateway for all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS).

Video Analytics: We work closely with one of the industry-leading video surveillance vendors, Axis. Their product line offers video analytics preinstalled compatible Axis cameras, adding value at no extra cost. It detects and classifies humans, vehicles, and other types of transportation. Using AI-based algorithms and behavioural conditions, it analyzes the scene and spatial behaviour of the objects within - all tailored to your specific needs. 


Product features recap:

- Advanced recording technology

- Night vision capability

- Crystal clear imaging

- Motion detection alerts

- 24/7 security desk integration

- Low maintenance requirements

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