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Cyber Security Awareness Training Programs

Hexaport has 20+ years of experience in managing IT departments. Skills to manage teams of IT experts, executive tasks such as preparing annual budget proposals and evaluating Request for Proposals on IT Services, Building Video Surveillance and Data Backup and Retention Services.

Security awareness training

Ensuring Your Employees Are and Remain Cyber Security Aware

Continuous cyber security awareness training is vital for businesses of all sizes, especially small and medium-sized businesses.
With the number of cyber-attacks steadily increasing, the potential cost to companies from a successful breach could be devastating - from financial losses to reputation damage. Cybersecurity can no longer be an IT department concern; everyone in an organization must understand their role in protecting data and responding to threats. 

Empowering your workforce with cybersecurity knowledge will keep them safe and go a long way toward protecting the business from costly incidents. 

Hexaport has developed a secure and effective method for continuous cyber security awareness training that ensures employees stay informed about current threats. Our cybersecurity trainers also teach your staff how to detect malware, phishing scams, virus-laden software downloads, weak passwords, and other digital hazards. This helps us ensure that people know how to protect themselves and company assets against malicious attacks. 

In addition to providing regular education sessions, we monitor malicious activity trends and update our content accordingly. We can better equip employees to recognize warning signs and respond appropriately if needed by keeping up with emerging risks.
Additionally, we provide analytics to help organizations measure progress, identify weaknesses, and continuously improve their strategies. 

A company can enjoy peace of mind knowing that its data is safe and secure by creating an environment where information is regularly shared and reinforced.

Investing in such training can help ensure that every employee has the right skills to spot potential attacks, prevent them, and respond quickly if anything goes wrong.

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