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Modernize your IT Support with Managed IT Services today.

Updated: Jan 9

Are you a small business owner looking to streamline your IT operations and improve the efficiency of your company? Are you open to Managed IT Services? But what exactly are they, and how do they work?

Hexaport monitoring your IT 24/7

Simply put, managed IT services are outsourced IT solutions a third-party company provides. Instead of hiring an in-house IT team, small businesses can rely on our team of experts to handle their technology needs.

But how does it all work? Well, it starts with an assessment of your current IT infrastructure. We will evaluate your systems, identify gaps or vulnerabilities, and create a customized plan tailored to your business needs. From there, we will take on the IT support responsibility, proactively monitor and manage your IT infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime.

Daily IT support has changed over the last five years. A single IT support technician performing all IT tasks from Windows to server management and updating Anti-Virus 5 years ago has become a mission impossible today.

Hexaport working as team player alongside your IT staff

Hexaport as your virtual IT team. We provide SMBs with a group of subject matter experts. Trained team players that work alongside your IT support person, or we operate independently on-site or remotely. The main deliverable is IT services focussing on helping you as a business owner navigate the ever-changing world of technology and cyber security. This involves 24/7 monitoring of your systems (on-premise or in the cloud), identifying gaps or vulnerabilities, and understanding your business needs. From there, we can create a customized plan to address these issues and help you achieve your goals.

Business as usual. With the plan in place, we take on the responsibility of managing and monitoring your IT infrastructure and implementing Desktop as a Service. By catching problems early on, we can prevent major disruptions and minimize downtime. In addition to this, we also handle routine maintenance tasks, such as software upgrades and user support.

One of the key benefits of using Hexaport is that it allows businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. Outsourcing through Hexaport will enable companies to free up internal staff to focus on core business functions. This not only improves productivity but also allows for better utilization of resources.

Lowering cost, improving the bottom line. Many businesses find hiring and maintaining an internal IT department costly. Managed IT services offer an affordable alternative, allowing companies to access advanced tools and expertise without breaking the budget. This fixed-cost model makes budgeting easier and eliminates the need for expensive equipment purchases.

Improving business bottom line by shared IT

In addition to cost savings, working with Hexaport offers other valuable qualities. For example, businesses receive 24/7 monitoring and support, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed. We also provide industry-level expertise, staying current with the latest trends and best practices. This level of knowledge helps businesses improve their IT posture and increase their cyber security protection.

Select what you need. Managed IT services offer a range of solutions to address various needs. Some examples are listed below

  • Ensure manageability of your IT environment

  • Maximize your IT investment

  • Protect and shield against cyber threats

  • Make informed IT decisions and reduce spending

  • Safeguard your corporate data from ransomware

Whether setting up a new network, addressing data security concerns, or managing software upgrades, we have the expertise to guide businesses through each process step. We ensure everything runs smoothly, allowing companies to focus on what they do best.

In conclusion, managed IT services work by providing businesses with comprehensive IT support and management. Outsourcing these tasks to experienced professionals allows companies to operate more efficiently and effectively while saving costs. With 24/7 monitoring, industry-level expertise, and customized plans tailored to your business needs, Hexaport helps businesses grow and succeed in an increasingly technology-driven world.

To improve your IT posture, increase cyber security protection, and lower operational costs, consider working with a managed service provider, Hexaport. Contact us today for a refreshing conversation on how we can help transform your IT infrastructure.


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