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Everything Small Businesses Needs to Know...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

...about Cybersecurity Solutions, Products and Best Practices

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important concern for small businesses across Canada.

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As technology advances and cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, having the right cybersecurity solutions, products, and best practices in place is essential for any business looking to protect their assets, data, and intellectual property. In this blog post, we'll provide advice and support to help you understand the different types of cybersecurity solutions available, what they can do for your business, and how to conduct an effective cybersecurity audit. Read on to discover everything your small business needs to know about cybersecurity solutions, products, and best practices.

Why do small businesses need cybersecurity solutions?

Cyber criminals are not picky or biased. They will find every way and use any means to attack any company or individual to steal information, data, credentials, and money. Therefore it is important for small businesses across Canada to invest in cybersecurity solutions such as firewalls, end-point protection and mobile device security.

Firewalls work like a guard, scanning all the traffic coming into your business networks from the internet to check whether it’s malicious or not. End-point protection provides a layer of protection on each device on the network by scanning for malware and other threats that could be hidden in emails, downloads, and website visits. Finally, mobile device security is critical for businesses that offer employees the ability to work remotely as it helps protect corporate data stored on employee’s phones, tablets and laptops from being compromised. It also helps protect against loss and theft of the physical device itself.

All these measures must be implemented together for small businesses to successfully protect their networks from potential threats.

What are some popular cybersecurity products and services for small businesses?

There are many products out there, all aimed to ensure that by implementing the product(s) your organization will be protected against bad internet actors. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Security starts with end-user/employee awareness.

Security products need to excel in the ability to seamlessly integrate from one technical domain to the next for example firewalls, endpoint protection and mobile device security.

Firewall systems are important for maintaining a secure perimeter as they act as a filter for incoming connections from the outside world into the internal network. At Hexaport we partner with leading firewall vendors. A little know fact is that one of these vendors has the highest number of installed firewalls globally, offering the features of their high-end ISP firewalls in the smallest of their SMB appliances.

Endpoint protection software runs on each device that accesses the internal network, ensuring only approved applications can run while protecting sensitive data. Gone are the days of AV products scanning your hard and slowing down your PC. Hexaport uses advance next-gen Endpoint Remediation software by SentinelOne. Leading EDR solution, lowest system load, and highest score in AV, malware and modified code detection.

Additionally, having visibility over what data is leaving the internal network can also help prevent potential data breaches. All these pieces work together to provide a secure environment where data can be accessed safely while preventing any malicious activity from occurring.

What are some best practices for small businesses when it comes to cybersecurity?

Over 90% of all cyber incidents stem from careless clicking on links in emails, and users entering login credentials in malicious websites to opt-in for a Tim Horton's gift card. Enforcing emails to be scanned by email threat protection software is paramount. At Hexaport we deploy MSP solutions allowing us to monitor and manage email services from our Network Operations Center.

Deploying these specialized solutions alongside end-user awareness, regular security training, and regular email phishing campaign to verify the security awareness of the employees. Implementing firewall technology to block malicious traffic as well as using endpoint protection that includes antivirus, anti-malware, and intrusion detection systems are important steps to increase your small business’s cybersecurity posture. Furthermore, mobile device security measures should be considered as more businesses adopt Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies where personal devices are allowed for work use. All mobile devices must be enrolled in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system and have comprehensive encryption protocols that allow remote wiping of data if they become lost or stolen. Regular patch management is also essential as out-of-date devices can often become easy targets for attack. Finally, always take advantage of two-factor authentication whenever it’s offered as this is an effective way to protect data even if passwords are compromised. By taking these steps small businesses can make sure their customers’ data remains secure.

What new trends and technologies are happening in the world of small business cybersecurity?

More cybersecurity solutions become available as cloud-based services. Hexaport as Managed Service provider of several leading cybersecurity solutions is in the perfect position to support SMB organizations to navigate through these solutions. As well as take away the burden of having to have skilled cyber specialists in-house, since Hexaport offers these skills as a service. The most essential components of cybersecurity are firewall protection, end-point security, and mobile device security. Firewall protection blocks malicious traffic before it can enter your network by examining data packets that pass through the firewall. Endpoint protection protects individual computers on your network from malicious software by scanning downloads and files saved onto local machines. Mobile device security guards your devices against threats when connected to public or untrusted networks while keeping important information safe even if they are lost or stolen. With so many essential components to keep track of, it’s no wonder that many small businesses are turning to managed security providers like Hexaport for help. Not only can they help you identify potential threats and get systems up and running quickly, but they can also provide remote monitoring services for continued protection. When it comes to finding an effective solution for your small business’s cybersecurity needs, it’s important to partner with an experienced provider who understands your unique needs.


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