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Interim IT Management

Our IT Consulting division comprises seasoned IT specialists with 20+ years of experience ranging from Windows, VMware, cyber security, Wi-Fi networking and building video surveillance.

Supporting your business during ad-hoc, short or long-term project assignments


Access to IT Expertise At A Moment's Notice

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SMB challenges when addressing IT
Businesses can hire full-time staff to manage IT systems, which is often expensive and only sometimes fits the long-term strategy to commit to permanent IT staff. In some cases, the expertise required is only needed for a short term. And finding the right individual through recruiting takes time. 

An alternative option to fulfill the need for technical support is contracting an externally managed IT Services company. Here's why you should consider this path.

Access to Experts and Know-How
Hexaport, as managed IT Services company, will likely have the knowledge and resources your business needs. 
We have a variety of experts in different areas of information technology, from Windows OS, VMware, cloud-based computing, data backup and retention to computer security, all available for short-term hire or project-based assignments.
Since Hexaport provides the expert, you are hiring a team of educated and experienced professionals. When needed, the expert you hired can and will always have Hexaport as a knowledge base to fall back on.

We have partnerships with technology providers, giving us insight into the latest hardware and software releases. 

With an entire Hexaport team of IT professionals working to solve your technical issues and provide sound advice, you’ll have the right tools for the job every time. Few companies can afford to assemble such resources in-house.

Cost Reduction
Yes, external support costs money, and there are savings too. Working with Hexaport means that your business or project has access to the resources you need when you need them. We offer additional support and pricing levels that suit your business's demands. It will save you money compared to a full-time staff member while benefiting from the Hexaport knowledge base and best-in-class expertise.

Risk Mitigation
Cyber Security is a key concern due to cyber attacks, hacking, phishing, personal and business data theft and adverse outcomes as a reputational impact resulting from this.
We can help you determine how to prevent these attacks and mitigate the attack vector (= weak areas in your IT infrastructure, business perimeter and employee cyber awareness level.
We will determine where and how preventive measures like firewalls, antivirus and malware prevention software, password policies, and encryption needs to be enforced. They are stopping attacks before they start. All of this, alongside ensuring proper data backup, retention, and restore procedures. Hexaport can help you to set it all up.

Hexaport can assist you with informed and objective knowledge of how to present (costly) upgrades and new IT and cyber security investments. As much as executives and board members are becoming aware of the need, investments require solid arguments and convincing to pass and be signed off on. Your external IT company can provide an informed and objective viewpoint to add to the discussion and convince any opposition to see the light.

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