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"Right kids, no more school for you, you can study from home..."

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Currently the term 'Working from Home' covers many blogs and webpages on the Internet.

This blog briefly highlights the other folks 'at Home', our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, aka the Students. At Hexaport we deliver a number of IT Shared Services to our customers.

On a good day, an exciting time to be able to deliver, implement and support our group of companies with IT infrastructure services. Given the types of group companies, ranging from Construction Management, Cannabis Grow Operations, Architecture&Engineering, Tanning Solutions and a private school, quite an interesting mix of IT services indeed.

In the extraordinary pandemic time, all of this was taken up a notch or two. Unfortunately many people were temporarily laid off, other group companies has to move their staff et al (students) off-site (i.e. to their respective homes).

One project we are very proud of achieving was the impressive turn-around from running an in-school operation to offering full swing e-learning for a 100+ students at The Oxford School in Woodstock, Ontario.

Hexaport successfully deployed the Google online and e-learning platform at The Oxford School. Amidst the Covid-19 situation a swift decision as made by the school to pivot to e-learning. We worked closely with the teachers to create a platform for students through Google's Education Suite with Classroom and HangOuts. From decision to reality: completed with 10 days.

Main entrance of The Oxford School
Main entrance of The Oxford School

And with full-swing, we mean the hole 9-yards. The content created by the teachers once the Google platform was implemented, is AMAZING. All school-hours chat rooms, YouTube video streaming of teachers, by teacher and with teachers, regular tests, one-on-on chats with HangOuts. Truly remarkable.

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